Oliver, three and three quarters.

* Although this most certainly my own creation on so many levels, the image was aided with the magic of Prisma for iOS.

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Full Stack Web Development

Operating Systems :~
[Linux/UNIX, CentOS, Ubuntu, MacOSX]

Backend Technologies :~
[Apache, nginx, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Ruby,
Perl, Python, CGI, XML]

Backend Frameworks :~
[CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, Laravel4/5]

Frontend :~
[HTML/4/X/5, CSS1/CSS2/CSS3,
JavaScript, jQuery, LESS, SASS, SCSS, Bootstrap]

WorkFlows :~
[Git, GitFlow, SVN, Agile Development, TDD, DDD]

And of course I am always actively learning new technologies and languages, it's part of what we do.


I can take your idea from the back of a napkin and into a browser/phone/tablet. I’ve been through the process many times. The first time I worked on a commercial website was around 1999. I typed out my first computer program at the age of 7.

Writing code and developing on the web is something I love; still, after nearly 17yrs - it’s my passion. I’ve owned an Apple Mac since around 1991, I still use a Mac to this day.

I run Windows inside a VirtualMachine when I need access to a PC. My favourite text editor is BBEdit, but I’ve recently been using PHPStorm and actually quite like it. My Linux of choice is CentOS, it’s where I feel most comfortable.

I much prefer PHP probably because it was my first server side language and it is so malleable. I actually like writing LESS - which seems like a bad habit that I should probably change.

The very first version of Adobe Photoshop I used was 2.0.1, although I don’t use them much anymore I feel comfortable in all the Creative Suite/Cloud Applications (although I much prefer working with a designated Designer or Illustrator).

I studied Graphic Design at degree level, I did enjoy it, I do still enjoy it, but it’s not something I would say I excel at.

Copy writing is not one of my strong points, I strongly recommend you write your own content…
(I would highly recommend that actually) .

It’s you’re business not mine - (unless you want to talk equity).

“Recently I've decided to start trying to blog here...

—Dean Howe,
Famous last words…

Rates and Prices

Unit of Time Price
1hr £60
1day (~8hrs) £338
4hr [sprint] £178
[ intensive ]
1 week (~32hrs) £1,337
1 month (~128hrs) £5,333
[ relaxed ]
1 week (~20hrs) £808
1 month (~80hrs) £3,128
[ if you’re a recruiter ]
1 year Full-Time
( 50 weeks plus 2 weeks holiday )

at least £52k
I would like to settle an invoice.